Things I’ve Built

Through the course of my career I’ve built several hardware and software products with the help of amazing team members, as well as some businesses, processes, and other things. I’m happiest when I’m evangelizing or building the bleeding edge of what technology can do.


Reconn / Scout

A portable spectrum analyzer/power meter/RF test kit powered by an iPhone (2012)

In 2009 I came up with an idea to build a spectrum analyzer that could run on a smartphone. We formed a startup company called Coolfire Solutions to bring this idea to reality, and in 2012, the first units rolled off the production line.

Video: Reconn Portable SATCOM Test Kit


Video: Reconn – SATCOM Simplified.


Candl Carrier Store

An app that lets users choose and immediately change their mobile carrier – no SIM card required

At Techstars we pivoted from building a hardware product to a mobile app that changes the SIM profile of a smartphone without requiring a SIM card. We built out parts of the front-end and back-end for a full-blown carrier store that would let consumers browse plans, choose the plan they want, and get connected immediately. A perfect solution for the 600M international travelers who travel disconnected each year! We ran out of funding before we could bring our carrier store to market.

Video: Techstars Boulder 2017 Demo Day Presentation – Candl


The world’s first eSIM Marketplace

Candl One

An ultra-rugged global hotspot with light, power, and connectivity for five days.

After meeting a Syrian refugee who told me that being connected was more important than food and shelter, I set out to build a product that could keep people migrating to safety connected for days without power. Candl One was designed to provide light, DC power for a smartphone and internal cellular hotspot, an internal hard drive for storing files, and a mesh radio to create a network of Candl devices across a refugee camp.

Candl One Rendering


Video: Candl One Promo



DataPath ET2750Q

The most advanced quad-band tactical hub terminal (2005)

In 2005, the US Air Force was looking for a tactical satellite terminal that could interconnect between new and legacy antennas, operate in C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka-bands, and provide up to 12 simultaneous FDMA / TDMA links. Oh, and it needed to fit on a 463L pallet that could be dropped out the back of a C-130 transport plane. Fortunately, we were up for the challenge at DataPath and built this beautiful system that pushed the limits of what was possible in SATCOM at the time.



(Classified) Special Operations Teleport

A teleport of multiple 5-9M teleport antennas operating in X-, Ku- and Ka-bands (2003-2010)

Over the period of 8 years I designed, built, and certified multiple antennas for a classified special operations customer. The teleport featured some of the latest innovations in transport at the time, including using L-band (vs. 70MHz) for intermediate frequency, sending RF signal over fiber optic links, massive 64×64 matrix switching, and multi-band feed assemblies.



Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Mobile App Store

An app store and mobile device management system designed specifically for DoD users

In 2011, at my first startup Coolfire Solutions, we were building all kinds of great apps for DoD users, but nobody had solved the problem of how to control the apps, the devices, and the accounts. So we built the world’s first private app store with complete device and account management. We called it CAMP – Content, Application and Mobility Portal.